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Therapies Prestiges

Therapies Prestiges is a concept created by two women passionate about health and the regenerative power of the human body. One is a physiotherapist, the other is a Kinesiologist (teacher in Adapted Physical Activity and Health E.A.P.A.S) and a sports educator in the fitness industry.


The idea of Therapies Prestiges was born from a desire to take care of the body, to transmit the right tools to keep it in good health and to allow it to regain or maintain a large part of its vitality through different physical and sports activities. All this while being taken care of by a team of passionate professionals who will put their skills and experience to good use.


Our vision

Our vision is defined by a holistic approach that links the physical, emotional, psychological and social spheres. At Therapies Prestiges, we work as a team to help you achieve optimal health. 


Have you experienced any physical trauma? Do you have an illness? A postural imbalance? Chronic pain? Persistent migraines? Jaw pain? Digestive problems? Edema?


Do you have a weight loss and/or muscle toning goal? Perhaps you simply wish to be assisted in your physical or athletic practice?


Whatever your reason for choosing Therapies Prestiges, you have come to the right place and we will be happy to help you make your health a priority.


Get to know us

Behind the name of Therapies Prestiges are two hidden women. Fiona Édouard, physiotherapist and Astrid Penchard, sports educator and kinesiologist (teacher in Adapted Physical Activity and Health).


Both of them complement each other in their careers and offer a holistic approach to maintaining or improving your health. It is important to understand that each one has its own specificity. The services can be chosen according to the needs (either physio or kinesiologist) but the added value of TP is to be able to access a multidisciplinary and holistic care.

Together they will make your health your most faithful ally.


Breathe and feel

Fiona Édouard - Physiotherapist


Move and feel better

Astrid Penchard - Kinesologist & fitness teacher

Our offer


Physical therapy is a health science that allows patients to regain much of their physical ability through personalized programs and many holistic practices.

Physical therapy practitioners restore physical and functional abilities by infusing patients with energy. Physiotherapy is a discipline that will regenerate the body when medicine can no longer do so.


Kinesiology is a science of human movement studied in different environments: domestic, professional, sports and recreational. The objective of this practice is to educate, re-educate and rehabilitate all individuals (with or without health issues) by instituting a regular physical activity or adapted exercise.


A complete service allowing to assist you to progress in the sport practice(s), to find the form and a more tonic body. The objective here is to let the body move and introduce movement in your daily life while remaining accessible. Making the body feel good to make the mind feel good and live in a well being routine.


Here is a unique formula, the Health & Fitness Travel Holiday. This is a unique experience that can help you to continue to take care of your body and mind or to start a sports and wellness routine, while being on your vacation destination. We offer a complete package that combines care, wellness and sports practice, all directly to your vacation residence. 

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