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in Sint Maarten

It is in Saint-Martin that Astrid Penchard decided to establish herself as a kinesiologist. This passionate health professional wishes to help you regain power over your body thanks to her know-how and her skills.


If you are from Sint-Maarten or from the area that you wish to find energy and a better physical condition, come to meet her. I will be happy to welcome you in this paradisiacal and bewitching place which has not finished surprising you.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiologists study the science of human movement in different environments: domestic, professional, sports and recreational.


Kinesiologists must teach their patients to manage pain or prevent injuries through physical, sports and/or artistic exercises.  They can also help their patients gain greater mobility and regain a better physical condition.


The exercises can be done individually or in groups, with only the kinesiologist or in team with other health professionals to offer a complete approach.


The goal is to offer all types of individuals (including people with disabilities or chronic illnesses) the opportunity to practice with adapted and safe technical, material and motivational conditions.

Astrid's approach

My approach is focused on the healthy body. Indeed, as a graduate of a STAPS degree with a specialization in APAS (Adapted Physical Activity for Health).

She mobilizes both multidisciplinary scientific knowledge to evaluate the resources and specific needs of her patients as well as motor teaching situations that use physical, sports and/or artistic activities.


It is thanks to these tools that I can conceive devices and projects of intervention which mobilize my teaching competences and the whole of the technical, material and motivational conditions adapted to the situation and the safety of the practitioner. 


The different offers available

Personalized care sessions according to your pain, pathologies, handicaps, traumas... :

Pregnant woman, Mother (with or without baby) in post-partum, BodyZen : A mix of Yoga Flow, Pilate and Relaxation, Step and dance activities, Aquagym, Gentle gymnastics, Yoga on chair.​..


All the sessions are organized on a multidimensional approach: 

  • Biological: to act on the development and the preservation of the physical condition.

  • Psychological: to develop and prevent the quality of life, self-esteem, anchoring, concentration...

  • Social: participate in social and cultural life while maintaining a certain degree of autonomy.


to help seniors fight the effects of age on the body, it is strongly recommended to do adapted and regular physical activity such as gentle gymnastics. And this is a good thing because there are several ways to do gentle gymnastics for seniors: yoga classes, breathing work, cardio exercises, muscle and joint training, pilates classes, aquagym classes... 

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