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Gentle gym for Senior

Wouldn't the art of well-being be the secret to aging well? 

Take time for yourself, do yourself good, maintain at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, 5 times a week. Senior gymnastics classes vary between: cardio, muscle strengthening, balance and softness.
It is always good to be able to stay active, independent and enjoy practicing as a couple, with friends, and why not during your stay on Sint Maarten. 

To breathe deeply, to live moments of pleasure, sitting on a chair or standing, a physical activity with Caribbean accents, tinged with sun, to make your session do you the greatest good, such is the object of this service that Therapies Prestiges suggests to you. 

The other offers available


Coaching for young mothers or mothers-to-be who can help prepare for childbirth or recover from it gently. A complete practice that allows you to take time for yourself, to do something good for your body and especially for your mind.

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