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Post-traumatic rehabilitation

During post-trauma rehabilitation, several techniques will be used such as rehabilitative massage, manual therapy and strengthening exercises. Post-trauma rehabilitation will allow your body to relieve pain but also to have access to preventive actions against possible relapses and/or future injuries. 

Rehabilitation concerns :

  • Sports injuries

  • Post accident injury uncluding falls

  • Post-partum

  • Inflammatory and neurological diseases

  • From the youngest to the oldest

  • Prevention


All sessions are unique, they are adapted to your needs, your injuries, their impact on the body and your history. The rehabilitation will never be identical from one individual to another and will be progressive.

The other offers available


The techniques used allow for the treatment of face and neck pain, pre/post surgery, post trauma, dysfunctional jaw disorders (SADAM in French, DAM in English).  Maxillofacial kinesiology is based on several rehabilitation techniques: movement therapy, therapeutic massage and maxillofacial manipulation.

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