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In all massages, we can find the same objective: to eliminate tensions. Only the ways to achieve it are different. At Therapies Prestiges, we offer several types of massage: energetic, relaxing, visceral, myofascial and stretching, deep tissue.

Energetic massage: 
The energetic massage aims to reenergize, rebalance the body, in order to find a harmony between body and mind. It is performed by modelling the body with the hands and allows to relieve body pains, to rebalance the chakkras and to bring a great and deep physical and psychological well-being. 

Visceral massage: 
A set of manipulations to release tension and drain the viscera. This is ideal for digestive disorders, helps to fight constipation, in post-operation working also scars, release of emotional burdens including those manifested by endometriosis. 

Deep tissue massage:
Massage performed with strong pressure using the hands and sometimes the elbows, allowing the release of deep tensions. This massage is painful.

Relaxing massage:
Massage performed with gentle pressure and gliding allowing for optimal relaxation and softness.

Myofascial massage and stretching:
Specific massage oriented towards the relaxation of the muscular fascias in order to eliminate the adhesions installed and to support a better flexibility of the fabrics.

Be free to choose the massage that suits you or let Fiona's professionalism guide you according to your needs. 

The other offers available


The techniques used allow for the treatment of face and neck pain, pre/post surgery, post trauma, dysfunctional jaw disorders (SADAM in French, DAM in English).  Maxillofacial kinesiology is based on several rehabilitation techniques: movement therapy, therapeutic massage and maxillofacial manipulation.

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