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Joint mobility /stretching

Joint mobility is extremely important for the harmony and proper functioning of the body. The fact of having a great articular mobility, to understand here the fact of having an access to a great amplitude of movement, allows to reach better performances. Thus, working on this mobility has the objective of improving the joints' position in the body. To achieve these results, there are several types of exercises to be performed regularly. The goal is of course to gain joint mobility to become stronger, more flexible and more balanced on a daily basis.


Taking joint mobility classes means taking the time to improve your mobility and posture through deep work on the joints and muscle tissue. It is important to understand that a mobile body is a healthier body. It is therefore important to take time for stretching/mobility to achieve full health. 


To achieve this, you have the possibility of using very different techniques during your sessions. For example, you can choose to focus on free stretching and/or loaded stretching exercises. Stretching will allow you to loosen up all of your muscle tissue and create space for your joints. By doing frequent stretching exercises, you will allow your muscles to regain their dynamism and also to release many of the muscular tensions that your body has accumulated over the years. Other exercises can be just as beneficial in your mobility journey, such as the realization of joint rotation movements, controlled by the professional who accompanies you, but also the realization of exercises using tools such as rollers and balls. The latter will allow you to do self-massages, always under the watchful eye of a professional, and thus to do a deep work on the muscular tissues. You can also perform mobility movements and yoga flows that will be targeted and created according to your needs in joint mobility. 


To put it simply, at Therapies Prestiges, we guarantee that you will leave our Joint Mobility sessions more mobile from the very first session. The benefits are immediate because you work in depth and the improvements are fast because the body has a memory. Taking care of yourself has never been so easy

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The techniques used allow for the treatment of face and neck pain, pre/post surgery, post trauma, dysfunctional jaw disorders (SADAM in French, DAM in English).  Maxillofacial kinesiology is based on several rehabilitation techniques: movement therapy, therapeutic massage and maxillofacial manipulation.

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