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Body Zen Class

The Body Zen class is a unique class that we offer at Therapies Prestiges and that offers a mix of multiple activities and sports disciplines to get the best out of each of them and to offer you a complete class at all levels so that you can come out of the session energized, relaxed and in good health. 


We therefore wanted to offer in our Body Zen classes a mix of vinyasa yoga, which harmonizes movement and breathing and promotes relaxation while working the body in depth and making you sweat. Pilates to improve posture and balance but also to sculpt the figure by tightening muscles and releasing tension. Stretching to increase your range of motion, increase your power and reduce body fatigue. But also relaxation to leave the session feeling relaxed, soothed and release all tensions by inviting you to let go through breathing. 


Each session is unique, offering a new flow each time and by proposing different exercises and postures. The invitation to renewal will allow your body to work differently with each session. The classes can be done individually to refocus on yourself and your well-being and ask to work on specific points or in group (minimum two people), to share a moment with friends for example or simply to disconnect and challenge yourself. The coach will know how to adapt the session according to the number of participants and will be able to offer an optimal and complete Body Zen class.

The other offers available

My individual or group sessions (minimum of 2 people) can be given on the basis of various activities such as:


Please note that classes can be done individually or in groups with a minimum of 2 people. 


Circuit training is a training method involving the performance of several exercises one after the other, with almost no recovery time. This is a great way to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. This is an activity that is accessible to everyone, even when resuming sports for health and/or well-being or following an injury. It can also be a great way to prepare for a specific physical training and improve or even increase skills and performance.

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