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Prenatal and Postpartum Gym

As a kinesiologist, I would be pleased to take care of you during your maternity, so that you can live in harmony with your body which during a long period is in perpetual change.

What could be better than practicing adapted physical activities, according to the trimesters of pregnancy or simply a few weeks after your delivery. To be able to vary the activities to regain muscle tone of the pelvic floor, a good cardio respiratory system in complete safety. 
Your medical staff has informed you of the benefits of regular exercise before and after your pregnancy. Make sure you are in the prevention of weight gain, gestational diabetes, back pain, pre-eclampsia or fatigue. 

Therapies Prestiges offers you to open this parenthesis, during this unique and wonderful period, and make sure you get back in shape or maintain it and why not by practicing with Baby *(from 2 months).

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to help seniors fight the effects of age on the body, it is strongly recommended to do adapted and regular physical activity such as gentle gymnastics. And this is a good thing because there are several ways to do gentle gymnastics for seniors: yoga classes, breathing work, cardio exercises, muscle and joint training, pilates classes, aquagym classes... 

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