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Gentle Pilates
for pregnant women and new mothers

Pilates is a method for strengthening deep muscles. Regular practice of pilates allows you to be stronger, more stable, more aware of your body, of your inner strength and of your limits.


It is a complete sport practice that offers visible and gentle results. We have decided to offer these classes for young mothers or mothers-to-be since they need or will need a lot of gentleness for these stages of life.


If you are about to give birth, the classes will focus on preparing you for the birth, to help you feel good, to relax, to gain mobility and flexibility, but also to try to make room for the baby and even to gently turn the baby over if needed and to limit the need for a caesarean section if the baby doesn't engage in the right way. 

When the birth has taken place and you feel ready to resume a physical activity but you do not want a dynamic practice but something that works the body gently, the Pilate gentle gym will be a great ally. Indeed, it will allow you to find a better body shape, a more muscular, sheathed and refined silhouette while working gently. Besides, you should not neglect the well-being that sport brings, whether it is gentle or not. The simple fact of getting out of the house, without baby, and taking some time for yourself will do your body and mind a world of good. It is important when becoming a mother that you don't forget yourself on the way, offering yourself these few sessions per month is an absolute necessity and will allow you to reconnect to the woman you were before becoming a mother. 


A time for you to disconnect from this new intense life and routine of motherhood that will allow you to return to this role, calmed, motivated and relaxed. And that, for young moms, is priceless. Being in tune with yourself is the key to living a serene and harmonized motherhood.

The other offers available


to help seniors fight the effects of age on the body, it is strongly recommended to do adapted and regular physical activity such as gentle gymnastics. And this is a good thing because there are several ways to do gentle gymnastics for seniors: yoga classes, breathing work, cardio exercises, muscle and joint training, pilates classes, aquagym classes... 

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