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Sports performance classes

The sports performance services are sessions given to amateur or high level athletes. 

Do you want to improve your sports performance? 

Sports performance is the result of an athlete's full potential and the fruit of several key factors that lead to this achievement. A complete assessment should be done beforehand in order to know the athlete's total capacities and weaknesses. Specific physical tests are performed before and after the treatment, but also posture, muscle and joint tests are necessary to optimize performance improvement.

A program should be set up alternating strengthening, coordination, proprioception, stability, plyometrics, mental preparation, resumption of the sporting gesture... 
Sessions can take place in a villa or outdoors in order to vary the environment and take advantage of the idyllic setting of the island.

Our physiotherapist is trained in the MT Performance method of Mads Tömörkényi.

The constraints can take many different forms. Indeed, it can be a question of bad weather, an unfavorable environment, human, temporal or spatial constraints. The athlete must be able to deal with all eventualities, and it is only when these are well assimilated that he/she can concentrate on the sports performance. 

Thus, the high level athlete will be put in a position to improve his abilities. It is a meticulous work that requires many sessions to achieve convincing results. It is these numerous sessions that will ensure that the athlete's mental control, physical control during the sporting feat and technique will be optimal and maximum on the day of the competition. 

These sessions can be done individually to focus on the athlete and his needs, but also as a group in order to stimulate each other athletically and to try to come close to perfection at each session. There are no set sessions, it is up to you to choose what suits you best according to your profile. Do you need others to give the best of yourself or on the contrary can it be a brake in your quest for performance? 

The other offers available

My individual or group sessions (minimum of 2 people) can be given on the basis of various activities such as:


Please note that classes can be done individually or in groups with a minimum of 2 people. 


Circuit training is a training method involving the performance of several exercises one after the other, with almost no recovery time. This is a great way to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. This is an activity that is accessible to everyone, even when resuming sports for health and/or well-being or following an injury. It can also be a great way to prepare for a specific physical training and improve or even increase skills and performance.

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