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Health Vacation in Sint Maarten

The Therapies Prestiges office is based in Sint-Maarten. We invite you to come and visit us during your vacations in the heart of the city to continue to combine well-being, health, sport and mobility.


However, there is no need to visit our office exclusively. If you are on vacation in Sint. Maarten, St Barth or the surrounding area and would like to start a Health Vacation, we can move the office to your hotel, villa, boat... We come to you so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Sint. Maarten, this place so heavenly, soothing and rejuvenating.


What is a Health Vacation?

At Therapies Prestiges, we offer a unique package, the Health Vacation. This is a unique experience that will allow you to continue to take care of yourself, to continue or begin health care while on vacation, even far from home. For this reason we have chosen to offer packages mixing care, well-being and sport that come directly to you. We come to work where you ask us to. With this concept, the Therapies Prestiges office moves to the place of your stay. We can come to your villa, your hotel or even on a boat.


The office in Sint-Maarten is of course open and accessible if you prefer to come and meet us there, but know that we come to make your life easier and that you can continue, even on vacation, to take care of yourself, your body and my mind.

Astrid and Fiona's approach

According to figures from the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism grew by 6.5% per year from 2015 to 2017, twice as fast as tourism as a whole.
However, the health crisis that began in 2020, did not spare the tourism sector, which lost between 70% and 80% of its turnover.
The hotel complexes have therefore taken action and rethought tourism by strengthening their services, in particular by creating joint actions with service providers from the medical field. Thus, health protocols (Covid test zones) were created to restore the confidence of travelers who became more concerned about medical care during their stay.  
It was also observed a change in the behavior of the population during this period, which revealed an awareness of Being Healthy. 
Our team, composed of professionals having worked during the first moments of the crisis, in medical and paramedical structures, gave birth to the idea of a Health/Well-being service offer in the Sint Maarten tourism sector. The objective of Therapies Prestiges is to allow tourists who come to the island to have access to emergency care and then to start or continue rehabilitation or exercise therapy. 

This well-developed service allows clients to remain active, to practice safely and according to various types of profiles (children, seniors, with disabilities, with diseases, with chronic pain). 
This innovative service broadens the range of services offered to the tourism industry and completes a list of personalized services at home.

The story of your vacation will always be more beautiful if it is written with the experiences that Therapies Prestiges offers you. 

The differents offers

Targeted offers for care, well-being and sports.

By Physio.jpg

By physiotherapist

Fiona offers you ​holistic treatments, manual therapy treatments, massages, energy cleansing, joint mobility/stretching sessions and infant respiratory therapy.

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