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Physical activity
with a disability

For all people with disabilities, accessibility to physical activities, is a daily struggle. Only a few sports are designed for everyone and offer an inclusive welcome. Thus, adapted physical activity remains the best solution for people with disabilities who wish to remain active. Since not all patients can claim the same level of intensity in practicing a physical activity, whether it is in their daily life at home or during their leisure time, they adapt to their situation by taking into account the medical contraindications or not.


It has been proven for many years now that regular practice of a physical activity has a great influence on physical and mental health. There are lots of positive benefits from regular physical activity, but beyond the sporting aspect, regular physical activity can allow a person with a disability to develop greater autonomy and, by necessity, to better understand the acts and gestures of daily life. 


By offering a specific physical activity for all people with disabilities, we at Therapies Prestiges offer access to full health for all. The gain of muscular strength, stimulation of the cardio-respiratory system, joint mobility, fine motor skills, all these elements put together will offer a better resistance and a greater energy in the body. Moreover, any sport activity is a good way to become socially established. In fact, being disabled can cause some people to lose self-esteem and be apprehensive about their own abilities. By challenging yourself to an adapted physical activity, you will reappropriate your body, feel more confident in your abilities and will want to surpass yourself. We must not forget that physical activity, even with a disability, can be a source of pleasure, health improvement and quality of life, but also personal and social development. 


By working together, we offer the world greater solidarity and inclusiveness. We bring beautiful energies that will inevitably come back to you to give you the best.

The other offers available


To help seniors fight the effects of age on the body, it is strongly recommended to do adapted and regular physical activity such as gentle gymnastics. And this is a good thing because there are several ways to do gentle gymnastics for seniors: yoga classes, breathing work, cardio exercises, muscle and joint training, pilates classes, aquagym classes... 

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