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Cardio-training classes

Cardio-training is a discipline which gathers various fitness activities involving the heart muscle to train it to the effort and make it more enduring. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system and the cardiorespiratory system. 


Thus: running, cycling, swimming, rowing, step or zumba are activities that you can do during cardio-training classes. It is also possible to do cardio training on machines equipped with a heart rate monitor, i.e. in a gym. 


There are multiple and varied reasons to take up cardio training classes: specific training for athletes, weight and fat loss, increasing endurance, building muscle, staying in shape. Practicing an activity such as cardio-training helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases since it strengthens the heart, promotes the loss of visceral fat, strengthens the arteries and vessels which will then be able to dilate and/or contract better when needed. The risks of high blood pressure and heart attack are therefore reduced. Infections and viruses will be less likely to occur in your home because you will strengthen your immune system. Ultimately, doing cardio-training offers only advantages. This practice is even recommended when you are anxious and/or depressed, it allows you to feel better, improve your mental health, self-esteem and self-confidence and recharge your batteries. 


To ensure that the cardio-training session is as effective as possible, it is important to control the intensity of the effort by measuring the heart rate and the beats per minute. The duration of the effort and the intensity of the cardio-training session are variable and are adjusted according to the person, their objectives and their basic sports routine, a beginner will not have the same experience as a high level athlete, it goes without saying. All the sessions can be done either individually or in groups, it is up to you to choose the package that suits you best.

The other offers available

My individual or group sessions (minimum of 2 people) can be given on the basis of various activities such as:


Please note that classes can be done individually or in groups with a minimum of 2 people. 


Circuit training is a training method involving the performance of several exercises one after the other, with almost no recovery time. This is an activity that is accessible to everyone, even when resuming sports for health and/or well-being or following an injury. It can also be a great way to prepare for a specific physical training and improve or even increase skills and performance.

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