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Fiona Édouard

Trained as a physiotherapist in Belgium, I obtained my State Diploma in Physiotherapy in 2014. During my career I was also a high level sportswoman. My passion for the human body in its entirety led me on this path of physiotherapy. Afterwards, I gradually became passionate about a holistic approach and everything made sense. Becoming a therapist is my life mission and a gift from the universe.

My experience is based on several years in the medical profession in France and Guadeloupe. The idea of a new vision of medicine came to me progressively with the interest I had for Chinese medicine and spirituality which never left me. 

This is why I decided to leave a system that no longer corresponded to me by developing my own method through Therapies Prestiges. 
Calling on me to finally feel better and to be yourself, is to make the choice to live with a healthy body. I will do my utmost to ensure that you leave my treatments with a body in better shape and a mind freed to live in perfect harmony and alignment. I will accompany you in a quest for self in order to lead you towards spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical healing. 

We will work together for your greater good. 

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