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Maxillofacial therapy

Maxillofacial therapy is still a relatively unknown practice.
It is a therapy that aims to treat and care for all disorders and pathologies related to the temporomandibular joint (jaw), mouth, face, skull and neck. 
Generally, maxillofacial therapy is initiated when: 
You have pain in the face, also called myalgia.
You have suffered a trauma. 
You have had facial or dental surgery.
You have recurrent dental problems.
You have chronic neck pain.
You have a neurological disorder.

Today, the jaw and the teeth are at the center of discussions concerning the care of the patient as a whole.
In posturology, a dysfunction of the jaw and the dental supports will generate in turn projected pains and a dysfunctional global mechanics.  
(See orthoposturodontics)

The other offers available


Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine specialty and is gradually becoming more popular in Europe. Cupping therapy is mostly known for its draining effects but it is a therapy that has many other virtues: analgesic, decongestant, draining, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying... The cupping technique can thus relieve a wide range of aches and symptoms.

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