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Therapies Prestiges team

The Therapies Prestiges team is efficient and qualified. We are two professionals who complement each other perfectly.


Our vision touches the body in its entirety and for that the objective is to assess the body in all its dimensions (physical, emotional, psychological, social and environmental, energetic). We pool our skills and expertise to put you at the heart of your care. 


Is a graduate in physiotherapy and a former high level athlete. She is passionate about physiotherapy and holistic. This is what makes her a passionate and committed therapist.


Her work is her life's mission, she gives herself 200% for it and even more for you and your health. She does everything possible to ensure that you leave the center with a healthy body and a boosted spirit to live in perfect balance.


Has a STAPS degree with a specialization in APAS (Adapted Physical Activity for Health) and is a state certified fitness instructor. She is driven by curiosity and never stops training in her life path. She is now trained in Pilate, Yoga, Acroyoga and Therapeutic Education. For Astrid too, her work is her life's mission and nothing is more important to her than helping you feel better in your body and to achieve this well-being through personalized and customized coaching that is safe for the practitioner.

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"One is the greatness of the stars and the other is the light of the stars.


Together they form the universe and infuse you with their beautiful energies so that you become the best version of yourself :

Balanced, Eenergized and Peaceful"

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