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Manual therapy

The objective of manual techniques is to reduce pain, regain mobility and thus improve the patient's functional abilities.


Manual therapies use the hands as an essential means of treating an ailment, both to treat (manipulations) and to diagnose (palpation). These will act on the different tissues of the body: joints, viscera, ligaments, muscles, skin...

With my own technique, based on all my training and experience, my manual therapy is holistic and will be guided according to my feeling and information gathered through your body and your energy. It is based on quantum therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. I observe you as a whole person in order to lead you to healing.

The other offers available


The techniques used allow for the treatment of face and neck pain, pre/post surgery, post trauma, dysfunctional jaw disorders (SADAM in French, DAM in English).  Maxillofacial kinesiology is based on several rehabilitation techniques: movement therapy, therapeutic massage and maxillofacial manipulation.

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