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Events in Sint Maarten by Therapies Prestiges

Events in
Sint Marten

At Therapies Prestiges, we wish to offer a new vision of well-being, sport and fitness. We wish to make you enter an innovative and warm universe. Thus, we propose you to come with us during original, energetic and festive events. 


If you like and appreciate events out of time, out of the ordinary and accompanied by small groups, you will undoubtedly be delighted to join us during the year on our various animations.


These events are made around what animates us. They revolve around wellness/care, fitness & wellness activities, Sup Yoga/Pilates Paddle board... 


To participate, we strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible when we announce on our social networks the arrival of an event. Places are limited because we prefer to give priority to a quality event with few participants and little surprises. Smaller events allow us to take the time with each participant and give them the attention they deserve. 


If the concept speaks to you, stay tuned. We will be very happy to count you in our small group of privileged people during our next event.

Past events in Sint Maarten

Yoga bubble full moon

The Yoga Bubble Full Moon is an innovative and unique concept offered exclusively at Prestige Therapies. It is an event that makes us very proud and that honors a small group of people willing to practice yoga during a full moon evening. 
The yoga class is oriented towards energetics and the harmony of the stars and the bodies. Thus, the energy of the moon will be unique according to the astrological signs of the people who will come to attend the Yoga Bubble Full Moon class. A course that is based on the sacred power of gratitude for oneself, for others, for life. For this class, we ask that you all become dressed in white to honor the moon.

Once the session is over, we all gather around an aperitif of Prosecco or Champagne and caviar lemon. These caviar lemons are produced by our partner Thefingerlime and will allow us to perform together the dance of the pulps. 

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